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To invent, you need a good imagination, and a pile of junk Charis Stella depicts the moment when two proud LEGO inventors introduce their latest steampunk automaton to a pair of potential inventors. The figure posing here is well done, with nice use of custom arms allowing one o

Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer #1 The most comprehensive LEGO Star Wars fansite includes coverage on all other LEGO licensed themes including Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and Batman.

How many ways can you escape this LEGO maze? Last month we featured a stunning maze made out of LEGO. But the design of that creation was stationary, leaving only one way out. In contrast, the walls of Jake Lee's LEGO labyrinth shift and move, which means the tiny

Target acquired, awaiting instructions Sci-fi master builder Tim Goddard's latest LEGO creation is a mean-looking mech with a cyclopean face. I can just imagine the noise that black iris makes - - contracting into merciless focus when this bad boy spots his p

Dashing Through the Snow It’s getting all wintery here at TLCB Towers. This means a) we barely see any daylight, b) our Elves often need defrosting when they return to the office (but that’s OK, they’re e...

Light Speed 1982’s computer-themed adventure Tron might be something of a cult film now, but its initial release was such a failure that it stopped makers Disney from releasing another live action movie...

LEGO clockwork robot winds itself up Dvd has created a clockwork robot that will wind itself up. It's a great build, as well as some allegory for many human conditions. Inside of the retrofuturistic exterior is a simple mechanism in which the left arm turns

There’s no Replacing the Falcon But the Eravana is still a really nice ship in its own right. The design of the ship is not a bit about aesthetics and all about functionality. It’s just there to move cargo an...

Review - The Unofficial LEGO Technic Builder's Guide 2nd Edition If you've ever built a Technic set, you know what a potentially dizzying complexity they can reach. And if you've ever tried to build your own Technic creation, you know just how deep the rabbit hole goes. The possibilit

The Ant Hill Mob And now here they are! The most daredevil group of daffy drivers to ever whirl their wheels in the Wacky Races, competing for the title of worlds wackiest racer! The cars are approaching the starti...

Winter is Coming Well, it is if you’re reading this in the Northern hemisphere. Plus we heard your Mom likes a good plough*, so today we’ve got one! Build by Damian Plesniak it’s quite a bit of ki...

The Bullet-Proof Bomb Builder redfern1950s continues his quest to build all the vehicles from Wacky Races. This one is another childhood favorite of mine, the Bullet-Proof Bomb, AKA The Roaring Plenty. It was driven by the Ant Hill Mob, seven

2016 LEGO Advent Calendars: Day 8 Welcome to Day 8 of your digital LEGO Advent Calendar! Each day, we’re revealing the day’s calendar model for the LEGO Friends, City, and Star Wars Advent Calendars.

Gas Mask This new character from builder nobu_tary looks right off the post apocalyptic battlefield. Or possibly right off the pages of some dystopian graphic novel. Or maybe just ready to clean the cat box in my house (dumb, sti

Star Wars Advent Calendar Review: Day 8 This year's Star Wars Advent Calendar has offered an even split between models and minifigures so far. We were due to reveal another minifigure today but the cycle has instead been broken as a third weapons emplacement j

75146 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016 Spampocalypse! – Day 8 The most comprehensive LEGO Star Wars fansite includes coverage on all other LEGO licensed themes including Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and Batman.

Review: 70909 Batcave Break-in The most comprehensive LEGO Star Wars fansite includes coverage on all other LEGO licensed themes including Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and Batman.

2017 LEGO Disney Moana sets review Check out the new LEGO Disney Moana sets! Recreate the scenes from the film with Moana and Maui! Full review here!

Friends Advent Calendar - Day 8 Naomi, Emma and Heidi the hamster have had a relaxing holiday season so far. While Naomi and Emma kept active with some ice skating, they've balanced that with holiday mail duty, lighting a holiday calendar and taking ca

LEGO Star Wars 75153 AT-ST Walker from Rogue One Back in October, LEGO released its first batch of LEGO Star Wars sets from Rogue One without a whole lot of fanfare. We'll be reviewing those sets around the movie's release in just a couple of weeks, but one of the sets

City Advent Calendar 2016: Day 8 Day 8 of our 60133 City Advent Calendar review brings us our first ice skating a small child dressed and equipped to play ice hockey.

Christmas Build-Up: Day 8 The Christmas Build-Up has been pretty excellent thus far, and Day 8 is finally here; bringing us a third through the 'calendar'.

Is it a spaceship? Is it a mech? An odd little build has been brought to us from SweStar: a spaceship that's also a mech. This isn't a transforming build like Macross or a Transformer, it's both at the same time.

ClicTime to Release The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Clocks and Watches ClicTime has been a staple of producing LEGO clocks and watches and with The LEGO Batman Movie coming up, they will be continuing the trend of releasing some products for it.

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