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The LEGO Animation Book review & thoughts If you ever thought about making your own LEGO stop-motion video, check out this excellent book about all aspects of brickfilming! Great for kids and adults!

Uphold the mission with LEGO Titanfall 2 BT-7274, Legion, and Tone Marius Herrmann has built several excellent LEGO Titans from Titanfall 2, including Ion and Northstar, along with Ronin. Now, he shows some love for the campaign’s protagonist, the lovable Marauder Corps death machine that is BT-7274. BT’s lightw

S.H.A.D.O. Interceptor Despite being almost unknown in the US, I distinctly remember having a toy of this vehicle as a kid (I also recall losing the missile, heartbreak), the UFO S.H.A.D.O. Interceptor. I recall the show being long on talking and slow on action, but having

FAQ: Why don't you name specific Bricklink vendors? Official blog of JANGBRiCKS from YouTube, LEGO & brick-based toy construction set reviewer and custom builder.

Night Lights The Space Programme has, by a wide margin, produced the fastest vehicles on (and off) Earth. This spectacular recreation of the Kennedy Space centre, complete with beautifully integrated lighting...

Not a Car But we rather like ships and we have control of TLCB keyboard. This beautiful 22-gun light frigate comes from previous bloggee and shipbuilding master Sebeus I. Built entirely from Lego, sav...

Despicable Motoring Ah Despicable Me, everyone’s favourite evil-villain-based computer-animated movie, including ours. Unfortunately though, the film has been hi-jacked. Hi-jacked by the sort of people that feel...

Review: The Highwayman! At last, we've been given the go-ahead to reveal the 16th figure of series 17 collectable The Highwayman!

LEGO News Site Sales, Deals, Reviews, MOCs, Blog, New Sets and More! Until Wednesday, April 26, Toys R Us America will be offering 15% off your entire purchase. This includes LEGO sets! However, there are exclusions which includes LEGO Hard to Find. Use code FRIEND15 at checkout for online purchases or you can print t

We're gonna need a bigger rolled-up newspaper... I always love builds that use a specific part to great effect. Case in point is Takamichi Irie‘s utilization of the wings from an Ant Man LEGO set on his macro scale hornet. The shaping of the segmented body and precise colour blocking is expertly

A mech built to scavenge for his existence Can you picture this mech wandering across a post-apocalyptic wasteland scavenging for parts and power? Bregma Nicle has built a scavenger mech called Bad Diesel who packs plenty of attitude and more than a little intimidation into his bulky frame. I

A futuristic stroll down memory lane I have a thing for space corridors. I can’t explain it, I can’t define it — I just have a thing for space corridors. Turns out, I’m not the only one! Tim Goddard has created an H-shaped corridor section inspired by Jeremy Williams’ Alpha Ze

Birthday card review Brickednexus is a LEGO fan blog, a chronicle of its keeper’s adventures (and misadventures) in the interconnected brick worlds...

Golden mech deserves a medal The use of pearl gold and light gray LEGO bricks to depict machinery and greebly technical elements is the hallmark (and something of a cliche) of the Steampunk genre. You don’t often see this color scheme deployed in modern or futuristic themes, a

Everything you need to be happy is right there, in your heart Delving deeper into the artistic aspect of LEGO building, Timofey Tkachev follows up his previous build of a blood fountain with a strong image of spring rain, which has a very impressionist feel to it. The composition makes for a very powerful image

Early ideas books There's a dearth of news at the moment so let's have a #ThrowbackTuesday rather than wait until Thursday...

LEGO Star Wars Detention Block Rescue Check out this limited-edition LEGO Star Wars set, exclusively at LEGO Star Wars Celebration Orlando! You can even build your own!

From Tragedy To Triumph We've all been there, and seemingly more often lately. You go to snap an element in place and *snick* it snaps in two. It's heartbreaking, every element is sacred isn't it? It's especially disheartening when you're down to your last few of a particul

Green Abyss Builder Blufiji shows us what it looks like when "unsavory characters, refugees, and denizens who simply want to disappear" take up residence in a swamp, and it's awesome. You can practically hear the insects, smell the damp air and feel the oppressi

Your dream apartment is just a few bricks away Heikki Mattila continues to inspire with another brilliant interior, this time with an emphasis on mirrors. These aren’t official LEGO pieces, but are instead a reflective material that has been cut to size. Even if you’re a purist, you can proba

Lego Creator Expert Fairground Carousel 10256 First Images Out! BrickGeekz has managed to grab a screenshot of the LEGO Creator Expert Fairground Carousel (10256). The spoiler has come from the LEGO Brand Store Calendar for June 2017 and confirms the rumors I r...

Lego Ideas – “medieval Watermill” Hits 10,000 Supporters There is still life in the first 2017 review group with “Medieval Watermill” just sneaking into the group by hitting the magically 10,000 supporter mark! The creator fishingtwister has...

Two for Tuesday A pair of Elves returned to TLCB Towers today after each found a Ferrari on their unending search for the web’s best Lego creations. Normally this would initiate Elf-on-Elf violence, but beca...

LEGO Shell Gas Station & Repair Shop MOC updated walkthrough Official blog of JANGBRiCKS from YouTube, LEGO & brick-based toy construction set reviewer and custom builder.

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